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Marzola is the Biele Group´s base for pressing processes. The company has more than 160 years of experience, and is capable of developing efficient and accurate hydraulic presses for sectors as varied as the manufacture of panels (wood and chipboard, laminated products, plaster and construction materials) and their coatings, automotive, rubber, electronics, plastic, foodstuffs and beverages.

Thanks to the incorporation of
Marzola in Biele Group, we can offer unique turnkey projects that respond to the specific requirements of each sector and each customer. Efficient and precise responses, backed by the reputation and experience acquired in projects developed for more than 800 customers in countries throughout the world.

Now we can offer total solutions, providing complete automation of production processes in industrial plants, guaranteeing maximum productivity and the most harmonious synchronization.

Contact us for more information:
Tel. +34 943 15 70 50.

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